Let Us Never Take for Granted

by Jenn Lewis

Editor’s Note: Thanks to the faithful work of  100+ volunteers, WOW -- Women for Oppressed Women sent hygiene kits to the women in Mozambique. Following is a first-hand account of the Mozambican women’s response to these kits.

There are so many things we take for granted here in the United States.  When we need water, we go to the faucet and pour ourselves a tall refreshing glass.  When we need fruits or vegetables, we go to one of the many grocers and purchase whatever we might like.  We know our life is easier than those in Mozambique and we want to do everything we can to lighten their load or make life better for them.

Over the last year we were made aware of another physical need in these villages - the women either have no access to monthly feminine products or do not have the disposable income to purchase them.  Because of this, they are restricted to using less than hygienic materials and staying at home, unable to work in the fields or attend any Bible teachings.  In a hope to help these women, over a hundred people from the greater Akron/Canton area made and assembled hygiene kits to send to Mozambique. 

Jenn Lewis (blue shirt) and the women of Mozambique celebrate with dancing and song for the gift of hygiene kits.

Jenn Lewis (blue shirt) and the women of Mozambique celebrate with dancing and song for the gift of hygiene kits.

While I was there in September, we handed out these kits, which included two reusable feminine napkins, underwear, soap, wash-n-wear instructions, and a devotional about the bleeding woman in Luke 8, to the women in Koka Misava.  After explaining what everything was and how the kit was to be used, we told the women how much we loved them and how this group from Ohio wanted to help them with this need. 

 I cannot even begin to describe their reaction to these kits.  All the women began cheering and clapping.  Then the women began singing – thanking God for this gift.  Several women even stood up in the middle of the circle and began dancing.  They danced and sang and praised God for His abundance and His care for them.  I have never seen such a reaction to something we here in the US would find so basic.   Their joy was real and very, very contagious!

 Their lives are hard and difficult, and they have seen one trial after another, but their faith is strong and their trust in God is inspiring.  I was so honored to be a part of giving these kits to over fifty women in Koka Misava and meeting such a personal need.  I will never forget that time of praising God with my sisters in Christ.  Our God is so good!