Looking….Looking Back, Looking Forward

By Linda Thompson

WOW Moz Ag Field 070914.png

As we walked through row after row of abundance, we saw not only the green of the tomato plants, the eggplant and bean plants, banana trees, avocado and mango trees, we saw the faces of the women and men who work so diligently  to maintain this Mohambe field in Mozambique, Africa.  They humbly showed us the rows which bear their names. They told us about this year’s second crop of tomatoes that they would be harvesting the next day and taking to market!

It was with much humility and pride they showed us the field where they will plant banana trees. It had just been plowed in preparation for irrigation pipes. It will be their FOURTH field.   It was at this point that tears started to run down my hot, sun-soaked cheeks.  Monika, one of the women from the village of Chiamite, came over to me and motioned that tears were running from my eyes.  It was her way of asking me why I was crying, since we don’t speak the same language. I smiled to let her know they were happy tears!!  And we continued to walk together arm in arm.

You see, at that moment my soul was overwhelmed with emotion, thinking about all the people, the work and the love that had gone into these fields. Everything from purse parties, to WOW, to providing a way for the oppressed women of Mozambique to start a microenterprise; it had become a reality! What a blessing it was to witness God’s provision for these dear people, not to mention what a blessing to see how their hard work and dedication had become not only one field but now four fields, with 75 families being affected!

WOW LT Ag Field Photo 070914.png

One example is a young mother of three, Angelica. She has made enough money to build a hut for herself and her daughters (her husband has left her), and it wasn’t easy.  She lives seven kilometers from the field, so for her to go there to work her rows she must pay for a ride, then weed, feed or hoe the earth, whatever it takes to have a successful harvest from her rows of tomatoes.   She then goes home and cares for her family by carrying water from the river, cooks for her children and performs all the motherly duties we all do. Hers is just one story of how God has blessed the women of the Mohambe Field.

It all began in October 2011 with that first Very Special Purse Party! The people who helped make it possible, the ones who came to hear of this dream, this need, and these women of Mozambique.  Since then the second Very Special Purse Party in April, 2013 has raised money to help women in another part of Mozambique to be blessed by the generosity of men and women in Ohio.  

In a blog I receive from Pastor Steve at Grace Church in Wooster, Ohio (www.EverydaywithGod.com) he wrote this about the compassion of Jesus Christ and how His compassion led to emotion which led to His actions of teaching and healing: “an emotion that kept Him teaching, proclaiming, and healing. The action, you see, flowed out of an emotion.”

This makes me realize, believe and know that as long as WOW and you, “the friends of WOW”, keep on looking, and seeing the needs of the oppressed women the Lord will lead us and will provide for those needs, by stirring our emotions, and by showing us who, where and how those needs can be met. 

On that hot day in the middle of Mohambe Field my emotions were stirred to praise God for all He has done there, stirred to keep looking with my eyes and with my heart wide open.  Will you join me?