The Maximum Impact of a Mini Purse

Mini Purse Photos 080114.jpg

By Margaret Claflin

When we first came across these charming mini purses, we had no idea what an impact they would have. I know if you attended either of our first two Very Special Purse Parties you must own one. I hope you are enjoying your mini purse! Let me tell you -- they are very special indeed.

It is said, “Wherever your heart leads you, that is where you will put your treasures.” I have seen these little purses lead to amazing things! Do you remember the Bible story in which Jesus instructs his disciples to divide a few fish and a few loaves of bread? Jesus gives thanks, and the food is multiplied. He feeds thousands. Well, I’ve seen these little purses touch women’s hearts to give of their treasures, which in turn touched other women’s lives both locally and clear across the sea.

If you have one of the mini purses from past purse parties, my hope for you is that whenever you open it, your heart will guide you to give of your treasures and in return your JOY will be multiplied. Don’t have a mini purse? Come to the Very Special Purse Party III on November 7! You might just find a mini purse for yourself, and in turn, you will be making a maximum impact in the lives of the poor and oppressed.