Piecing the World Together Through Relationships

Submitted by Linda Thompson

 Our 25th wedding anniversary was special, and not just because it marked a quarter-century of marriage. That particular anniversary was also special because our oldest daughter was married three days later. Since our extended families and close friends had traveled far and wide for the wedding, my husband and I decided to renew our wedding vows. It was a meaningful event, to say the least.

Our daughters gave us a plant that day to celebrate our special anniversary. It was lusciously full, a deep green, and its stems stretched out to soak up the sunshine as it sat on our table.

We still have that clover type houseplant.  Unfortunately I often forget to give my special plant fresh drinks of water. When this happens, the once beautiful green plant goes into a state of wiltingness.

Since it has sentimental value to me and reminds me of a great family event, I need to be more aware of its need for water and give it the essential drink if it is to continue to thrive. 

One day as I was watering my precious plant, it occurred to me that just like I forget to water my special plant, I often forget to water and refresh my relationships. 

My first thoughts were of my husband, my closest friend. I often forget to give him the TLC he needs.  Not only do I often overlook this number one person in my life, but I neglect other relationships, family, friends, and neighbors.

I get so focused on what is happening in my life, my own needs, wants and interests  that I neglect others that are important to me. Then my relationships begin to wilt, just like my favorite plant.

Can you relate?  Have you ever allowed relationships to wilt, or have you been the one who is wilting because someone is neglecting to give you that thirstquenching drink of fresh water?

In the book of Genesis we see how God, formed man and gave him all he needed to live in the most perfect garden, the Garden of Eden. Yet God saw it was not good for man to be alone so He created the perfect companion-a woman

God created that first man to need companionship. He created us to need others, too, and to have relationships with others, with spouses, with friends, with Him.

When these relationships are neglected our spirits begin to, well, they begin to wilt. 

Maybe youre wondering what all of this has to do with WOW.  As women involved in WOW, we have been given a special relationship.  We all desire to give refreshing drinks of life giving water to oppressed women, whether they are across the world in Mozambique or in our own community. 

We see that women are the same around the world; we all need to know someone cares. We need to know someone is willing to take the time to reach out when our spirits are wilting. As women of WOW, our hearts are united as we work together to minister to these women.  We may not know them by name or know their faces, but we know God has laid on our hearts what He wants us to do in His name.

And this is how WOW is Piecing the World Together.  Lives are touched and changed through various ministries that love and care and walk alongside oppressed women.

So many of you show your love to others by caring, giving your time and energy, talents and material goods to others, by donating a purse for our Very Special Purse Party III, attending one of our events, or by keeping the oppressed women of the world in your prayers.  We are all piecing the world together.     

Relationshipsan important part of our lives.  Whether it is with our closest family members, a friend or someone we have never met, WOW helps us to piece the world together all for the glory of God.