God Echoes Back

by Jamie Fuller

We can never outgive God.  Every time we show God’s love to someone else, we get His response and it’s like He smiles right back at us and we get the blessing we thought we gave.  We act because of His love and He bounces it right back at us - like a boomerang or an echo. 

Some examples of this for me were:

ME: Gave a little bag of make-up to a friend.
GOD'S ECHO: She smiled so big and said I made her day.

ME: Ironed shirts without complaining.
GOD'S ECHO: Lots of "thank you's" from my husband.

ME: Prayed for a grumpy person I met recently who wouldn't even say "hello."
GOD'S ECHO: Today that man smiled–with teeth! I giggled because God did it!

ME: Cuddled with my daughter when she was down.
GOD'S ECHO: Got to comfort and be close to her.

ME: Showed up at school to have lunch with my son.
GOD'S ECHO: Got to see a happy boy and a glimpse into his day.

All these things were done with the intention of being a blessing and God outgave me–every.single.time. When we give we get to see His face, feel His touch, hear His voice. Jesus–we’re looking for you. It certainly is more blessed to give.

Humbled by His grace
In others we see Your face.