Another Godly Act of Love

By Margaret Claflin

My friend, Peg, is in an Alzheimer’s Nursing Home.  I have known her 43 years.  I am sure she has done more “Godly Acts of Love” than any other person I know.  She has prayed for me since the first day I met her.  And she always left me with this, “Jesus loves you and so do I”.
(I have borrowed it from her now because she doesn’t remember to say it anymore.)

Peg recently celebrated her 89th birthday.  I went to the nursing home the day before to pretty her up for her party.  She doesn’t know me from Adam any more.  I’m just that sweet lady who comes and fixes her hair.

Peg was “paying it forward” long before it became popular, but she always gave the credit to Jesus.  She has been a wonderful example of Christian love.  It is wonderful that I can now give back to Peg through “Godly Acts of Love.”