My Journey to Godly Acts of Love

by Gini Thomspon

In my journey to do a Godly Act of Love, I learned more than I ever thought I would. I had two godly acts on my list right away:

  • Helping a single mom with rides, and
  • Offering our house to a college student on weekends, since his parents were transferred to another state.

But both left me feeling like they were just part of life, not really a Godly Act of Love. Hence, the real journey began. I prayed about it and I asked God to keep my eyes open to opportunity. In the process, I was kinder and more patient with people, much friendlier than usual. To my surprise, I found people doing Godly Acts of Love to me. It was fun and exciting and I learned that kindness goes a long way. (Romans 8:6)

As I continued to pray and to watch, God gave me the opportunity to help someone else with a ride. I didn’t particularly like this person, however, and I knew I was being taken advantage of. I proceeded with the Godly Act of Love, but it was begrudgingly. Frankly, I was quite aggravated. Fortunately, God showed me my ugly self and I repented and learned lots about how to love the unlovable. (1 Corinthians 13:3)

God, being a God of second chances, gave me another opportunity to help someone in a difficult situation.  I found myself standing behind a woman in the checkout line who had a cartful of miscellaneous things and not enough money. She was confused and struggling. God gave me a chance to be patient, kind and helpful to her. I am thankful my Lord is patient, kind and helpful to me, always caring enough to teach me how to be more like Christ in my journey (1 Thessalonians 5:23).