Godly Acts of Love

By Linda Edwards


I was sitting at the gym waiting for my husband to be finished exercising.  A young father was coming through the door with a baby in a stroller and a toddler following behind.  He looked like he had everything under control, but he did not. He was having difficulty.  By the time I realized he was having problems getting in and could use my help, he was in and headed to the front desk.  I thought to myself, “I should have helped him; that would have been a Godly Act of Love.”  But, God is the God of second chances.  A few minutes later, an elderly lady was coming in through a door much further away from me.  I jumped up, hurried to the door and asked if I could help.  She gave me the biggest smile and said thank you.  Her husband was parking the car and would be in soon.  Now, whenever I am sitting there I look for someone to help.



I had been sick with bronchitis for two weeks and didn’t have much opportunity for a Godly Act of Love.  As I began feeling better, I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies.  I was having lunch the next day with friends I used to work with and decided I would give each of them some treats.  After we had lunch I pulled out the cookies and told them how much each of their friendships meant to me.  I ended up with one extra bag of cookies.  One of my friends had brought her 5 year old grandson.  Even though I had given her a bag which I knew she would share with him, I gave him the extra cookies.  The smile he gave me was priceless, especially when I told him he could share with his dad.  I didn’t know a smile could get so big.  I think a Godly Act of Love brings as much or more joy to the person giving than the person receiving.