No Random Act of Kindness

By Becky Scaglione

The blustery, cold wind cut through me like a serrated knife, stinging my cheeks as I hurried to my car after picking up a prescription for my mother.  Next to my car stood an elderly woman, hunched over and clinging to an empty grocery cart. It was obvious by the look in her eyes that the bone-chilling temperatures had taken its toll on her frail body.  

“Let me take that cart back for you so you can get in your car and stay warm,” I told her. The smile on her face was worth the extra couple of minutes it took for me to return the cart to the store lobby.

When I returned to my car, she was waiting in hers with the motor running and the heat turned on. She rolled down her window and thanked me, stating how cold she was and how difficult it was for her this winter.

What a joy I felt in my heart to be a blessing to someone else.

While driving home, I thought about the discussion in our women’s study group which challenged us to seek out ways to do acts of kindness towards the people that cross our path every day.  Was this most recent encounter with the elderly woman in the parking lot random? Absolutely not! There is nothing random about the people God puts in our path every day in order to accomplish His Will.

My favorite verse in the bible is Ephesians 2:10, which states “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  How exciting that God has chosen us and prepared countless opportunities for us every day to “do good works”.  It is our obligation as Christ followers to open our eyes and ears and hearts to the needs of others.  Some opportunities may be spontaneous.  Others may be planned ahead of time, like a shared dinner for someone alone or a card of encouragement to a sick friend. But will they be random acts of kindness?  No way, my sisters in Christ!

But “Godly Acts of Kindness” they will be indeed.