I’m heading to Chokwe, Mozambique!

by Ruth Chapman

According to a 2012-2013 report taken by World Relief, “Mozambique remains one of the least developed countries in the world, ranking 168th out of 177 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index.”


Their poverty has many sources such as corruption, injustice, globalization, and natural disasters. I will be among a community whose economy has not only suffered the consequences of corruption, but a people group who’ve been broken by injustice. However, in a place stricken by need, the people contain beauty amidst ashes, rainbows amidst rain, and roses amidst thorns.

I am commissioned to love the way that Christ has loved me. I intend to do this by learning, teaching, and laying my life down for their needs. I will love by becoming a student of their culture, their history, and learning of their lives and their pain. I will love by building self-efficacy and awakening dignity through the art of teaching. Lastly, I will love by laying my life down for them.

Please support me in prayer! Please pray for:

  • My commitment to sharing in God’s heart for the people of Chokwe, and for my own faith and strength.
  • My annual expenses will be $12,800 for things such as travel, food, and water. My goal is to raise $6,400 to compensate the Chapel’s contributions.

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