I Sew for WOW.

She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands. Proverbs 31:13

I like to sew.  Well, that’s pretty much an understatement.  I love to sew.  It started back in Miss Woods’ seventh grade sewing class.  We started sewing without thread on pieces of paper with squares and circles.  We progressed to an apron and the ever popular gathered skirt.  The class had a few electric sewing machines, but I liked using the treadle machines.  This pretty much dates me but that’s okay.

My grandchildren are older now and are no longer willing to wear the things I make for them, especially the boys.  But I have found an outlet for my sewing habit.  I call it a habit because going without sewing, knitting or crocheting on any day is like a day without sunshine.

My outlet has purpose and helps the poor and oppressed.  I sew for WOW. When I was asked to put together a themed purse for the silent auction of a purse party,
the idea of Baby Bundles was born.  By WOW’s third purse party there were eighteen baby bundles for sale. Women of all ages came together to make the items in the bags.
Knitters from a group called Knitting Knights made very beautiful blankets.  Sweet little teddy bear sweaters were knit by a group at a retirement community.  A book written and printed by WOW entitled, “Jesus Loves the Little Children” completed the bundle. The Mama Bag held all of the handmade items. This is a nice size bag to carry whatever is needed for the little one, yet stylish and attractive.  One Mama Bag was made by a 92 year old woman.
The Baby Bundles had coordinating colors of the traditional light pink, light blue, or yellow.  After reading an article that the trend in baby colors is bold, I added the colors of purple, hot pink and red.

Feedback has been very positive!  Now you don’t have to wait for the next purse party to purchase!  All items in the bag are hand crafted to the highest standard.  It is a perfect shower gift.  The Baby Bundle consists of 4B’s - Bag, Blanket, Bear, and Book ($50.00). Accessories are 2B’s - Burp Cloth, and Bib ($5.00 each)  More accessories may be added in the future (keeping in mind the “b” factor).  Contact me, Linda Edwards at ledwar363@gmail.com, if you are interested.

Sewing for WOW has given me new friends as we work together to create baby bundles.  I’m filled with joy making beautiful gifts for babies.  And if this isn’t enough, ALL of the profit goes to WOW to help those who are oppressed emotionally, physically, and spiritually locally and around the world.