God is always working on something!

The story you are about to read is true and until I put the words to paper I had no idea how closely God had aligned my heart with WOW before WOW was even formed.  I have always had an interest in what God and Kathie Brown are up to.  Way back when God prompted Kathie to start the knitting project for the women of Mozambique, I was intrigued.  I don’t know how God formed in me a heart for Africa, but He did.  I was working in Children’s Ministry at the time and Kathie always supplied us with great projects for the kids to do.  She even taught some of them how to knit so they could be involved. 

In September, 2011 I had the privilege of going to Mozambique.  The knitting project was progressing and I got to see, first hand, how God was working.  While we were there some of our team went “field shopping.”  We learned all about an agricultural project that could change the lives of the people we were ministering to.  We watched as God miraculously closed the door on one field only to open it to a much better opportunity through a chance meeting with a man who just happened to be walking by.   

Upon returning home I got to be a part of the very first Very Special Purse Party.  It was through that, that WOW raised the money to buy the agricultural field.  I knew little about WOW at the time but I knew I was drawn to it by a common interest and God’s leading.  

I was invited to the second OpportuniTEA and gladly accepted.  While there, I was able to help and feel that I was a part of a vibrant and important ministry anointed by God.  God has drawn my heart, set my steps and given me a passion for WOW.  If he is drawing you, prompting you to be a part of WOW, please do not ignore that encouragement from Him.  Jump right in.  You won’t be sorry.  Join us at the OpportuniTEA on October 24th and learn how you can be a part of this vibrant ministry.