The Blessing of Serving

“God uses ordinary people to carry out His extraordinary plan.” – Pastor Fernando

The women of WOW put a lot of our time, talents and treasure into the Very Special Purse Party IV, but we could never have done it alone!  The Friends of WOW (lovingly referred to as FOW) were there every step of the way – always asking what else they could do to help.  The Daughters of WOW (affectionately called DOW) stepped up to every task and showed all of us how mighty these young warriors can be!  Even the husbands and boys of WOW agreed yet again to don their purple ties and dress clothes to serve each and every woman who attended.

I asked my 8-year-old son this weekend what he liked best about this year’s Purse Party.  After he got done listing the food (thank you, Rocky and all the Guy’s wait staff!) and the yummy cookies (again, thank you FOW!), I asked him what he liked most about helping and working at the party. 

“I had fun handing out chocolates,” he said, after thinking about it for a few seconds. “Everyone was really nice and I had fun serving.” 

My mother’s heart was bursting with pride and bowing in humility as I contemplated his answer. I not only was excited that my son was seeing the blessing of giving, but I also was awestruck that God used WOW to raise a huge amount of money for the children of Cambodia.  He could have used anyone, but He chose to use the sisterhood of WOW and all of those who attended the party. 

It is a humbling thought that He would use me for furthering His kingdom.  We are all mere mortals, flawed and imperfect.  But God chooses to use us so that we can see how amazing He is.  My son was right, serving can be fun; but even greater than this, is that more times than not, I walk away feeling blessed to have been used by my rescuer and my savior.

Thank You, God, for doing amazing things through WOW at the Very Special Purse Party IV. Thank You that – as you use each of us for Your glory – You cause Your light to shine brightly before us, as well.  It is all for You, Father! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

-- Jenn Lewis, Nov. 2016