Choices Can Change Lives

 “If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” -- Isaiah 58:10

Lately, I have been thinking about choices I have made during my life. I am not sure why. Maybe because of the recent election. Maybe because of my age. Who knows why I think like I do.

I have always told my daughter and now my grandchildren that the choices they make – good or bad – are so important. Today, I want to share some choices that I made and how they affected me. I was going to start back about age seven, but we don’t want to be here forever! I’ll jump forward, instead, to several years ago.

I was helping to serve dinner in our church’s dining room on a Wednesday night (that’s a story all its own for another time). Gail Benn, our women’s ministry leader, started talking to another woman about a group called Knitting Knights. I listened and let them know I was interested in it.

First choice – I attend a Knitting Knights meeting.

I met Kathie Brown and other knitters at that meeting, and I heard about knitted purses in Mozambique.

Second choice – I buy a Mozambican purse.

A few years later, Kathie and a small group of women form a group called WOW – Women for Oppressed Women. WOW’s mission is, in the name of Jesus Christ and for the glory of God, to meet the needs of women locally and around the world who are emotionally, physically or spiritually oppressed. Kathie invited me to join the group.

Third choice – I said yes to WOW.

Four Very Special Purse Parties later, here I am. From my choices I learned this: When we get to heaven,

  • We will meet women from Mozambique that will say, “Because of you I was able to feed my children.”
  • A woman from Cambodia will tell us, “Because of you, I was a child who had a safe place to live, where I could learn about Jesus from a family who loved me.”
  • A woman from Akron will say, “Because of you, I was shown God’s love, and my whole life changed.”
  • And there will be many more in line to tell us their “Because of you” stories.

Because of each of you, I see God’s love poured out each and every day. I am so glad I made the choice to be a small part of this ministry. How blessed I feel to have each of you in my life.

-- Linda Edwards, November 2016