Mozambique: Fields Built on the Rock are Ripe for Harvest

“Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28

God has brought us all along in serving His purposes in Mozambique.

When The Chapel first visited the country, there were very few godly pastors in the villages, although, they overflowed with women and children. Physically, conditions were poor for water and there were urgent conditions of HIV/AIDS, malaria and cholera. Spiritually, the Mozambicans had very little true knowledge of Jesus'  love and salvation. The villages’ economics were held under a generational poverty and filled with a mixture of cultural religious practices that kept villagers captive from the freedom of the message of the Gospel.

The provision of fresh clean water provided a tangible platform and helped provide health to those we feel called to serve. The desire of WOW—Women for Oppressed Women (and the generosity of WOW’s friends) to bless the people of Mozambique resulted in finances to start the Mohambe Agriculture Fields. The fields grew steadily and multiplied in area by God’s hand. The agriculture fields were established after discipleship groups, led by godly women and men of Mozambique, flourished and expanded to the glory of God.

We recognized the need to pour into discipleship groups. These groups not only would empower villagers with biblical truths over cultural beliefs, but they also would pour forth back into unhealthy churches within the villages and ultimately result in the planting of a new church. We desire to come alongside our brothers and sisters in the right way and in God's timing.

The Chapel has turned back to the Mozambique Church to empower them to serve in our villages. Everything that God has done in Mozambique depends on His church fulfilling the call to serve one another and to reach the world with the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. This year we will work directly with the evangelical assembly. We will be going with teams to do an evangelistic crusade and a youth explosion.

This June, The Evangelical Church will send a Pastor to Macalawane in hopes of establishing a church in that community. Our hope for next year is to duplicate the same work in Chegua where the church and WOW has again helped to establish physical and spiritual fruit. The Chapel teams will work directly with the local church to reach the lost, bring encouragement to the believers, and -- God willing -- establish a lasting mature church in our villages. In August, the youth will follow up with a youth blast, continuing to share the love of Christ.

Please pray for Pastor Benito Maulido and Pastor Lucky as they gather next week with the village leaders of Macalawane. They will be preparing not only for the teams to come, but to be ready for what God has desired.  Please pray for the June and August teams as they prepare what they will share, that their support needs will be met and that they will discern how best toserve our brothers and sisters in Mozambique.

Xikembu ya Yesu!

Shelise and Michael Boso,
Mozambique Outreach Coordinators