Junior Women’s Civic Club and the WOW Connection

The Junior Women’s Civic Club (JWCC) is an organization that was started in 1946. The women who are members work tirelessly for their communities and contribute regularly to places like the Haven of Rest, Salvation Army, local food banks, The Ronald McDonald House and Access Women’s Shelter to name a few. These ladies from Summit, Medina, Portage and Stark Counties champion many different causes -- especially those having an Arts, Civic, Education or Health Focus.


WOW’s own Margaret Claflin is a trustee for the JWCC and has been a member with them for 29+ years. Not only is she passionate about both organizations, but Margaret’s connections and experience working with JWCC have directly benefitted WOW and the efforts that we have been making in the past few years to help oppressed women. JWCC is a very generous organization that receives requests for funds from many different people and causes. Shortly after the Very Special Purse Party IV, Margaret was at a JWCC board meeting where they were discussing proposals that had been received for funds from various people and organizations. Her board members encouraged her to put in a proposal for funds for WOW, as well. A few years prior, JWCC came alongside WOW to donate funds that benefitted Rahab Ministries, and they were interested in helping WOW again. Ultimately, the board of JWCC approved another gift for WOW that is directly benefitting Lydia’s Home, a ministry of Broken Chains!

Not only has the JWCC contributed financially to WOW on two occasions, but Margaret’s connections with JWCC have directly benefitted our biggest fundraiser, the Very Special Purse Party. In the very first year of its existence, Margaret drew upon the expertise of the JWCC’s chairperson for the Ronald McDonald House Charity Golf Classic (a golf tournament that is JWCC’s biggest fundraiser). The chairperson helped WOW by developing our bid sheets and training Margaret in the art of the Silent Auction which turned out to be a huge success! Over the years some of her fellow JWCC members have attended WOW’s purse parties as well.

When asked, Margaret shared that some of her favorite aspects of being a part of JWCC is working alongside the women who have such great hearts. She enjoys sending other members cards of encouragement, often including scripture that is meaningful to their situations. Her favorite fundraiser to be a part of with JWCC is the Ronald McDonald House Charity Golf Classic. Additionally, she loves to volunteer in the community and her church, The Chapel. One of the parameters for being a member of JWCC requires that each person contribute at least 50 hours of volunteer work within the community and an additional 10 hours for the JWCC itself.

WOW is proud to have Margaret as part of the sisterhood and we are grateful for the privilege of having a direct connection through her to the JWCC which has been so generous with WOW since our inception. If you are interested in learning more about JWCC, you can do so at www.JWCCAKRON.org