Fulfilling Needs Can Forge New Opportunities

In 2012, while serving in Mozambique, I was invited to sit in a bible study group filled with young women and even a few young men. Questions were being asked of the missionaries: What does the bible say about a woman’s cycle, and is it true that I must be removed from the home for many days and that I am considered unclean? This made me pause, and after the group was dismissed, some lingered and I asked more questions.

I found out that not only were some asked to leave the home, but also that those who could stay would still miss school and church. The women really had little product to help them during their monthly cycle, and they couldn’t even purchase what was available due to financial situations. We shared this information with WOW, Women for Oppressed Women. They seized the opportunity to bless these female youths and women of the villages with Hygiene Kits.

Hygiene Kits gave the Mozambicans an opportunity to maintain dignity and resume activities at church, school and life. Beautiful bags were sewn by volunteers to hold the items. Within the kits were placed other basic items and instructions, along with a bible story of the Woman with the Issue of Blood.

Fast forward to today, and the Mozambican women face a new dilemma that might just be solved through Hygiene Kits. After two years of drought, financial resources are minimal. A request came back from Mozambique asking if we would please teach the women how to craft these kits. The training will not only meet their personal needs but also gives them the great opportunity for a micro-enterprise if they choose to pursue it.

In addition to their primary mission of sharing God’s truth in love, The Chapel’s June missionary team is busy prepping the women with the first steps of the Hygiene Kit project. A video of easy steps and a booklet will be shared, along with a sample for them to use and replicate the kits. Another Chapel team will visit in August, and will continue to work with the women on the next steps, and Chapel volunteer quilters will also help with a small yet important part of the kit assembly.

Please continue to visit WOW’s Facebook page and website (www.wow-ministry.org) for updates throughout the summer. In the meantime, we thank you for praying alongside us for this fruitful endeavor and its great potential for equipping and empowering the women and families in Mozambique.

-- Shelise Boso © June 2017