Journal Jam & Java: Learning About the Power in Our Pens

Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD.” Psalm 102:18

When presented with a challenge to raise money for one of the ministries WOW supports, Gini Thompson immediately thought of sewing and selling journals. Why journals? Gini chose journals because she had discovered that there is transformative power in putting a pen to paper. In fact, a growing number of people are discovering the joys of journaling, as evidenced by the increase in articles, classes and courses on the subject.

In a recent, non-scientific poll, individuals were asked to share their reasons for journaling. Overwhelmingly, respondents said that journaling helped them focus – not just on the here and now, but on the past. Journaling gave people an opportunity to look back and see how God has moved in their lives and how far He has guided them. Some spoke of the connection that journaling provides them – to God, to special seasons and to the stirrings deep within their hearts. Many others talked about the release that journaling provides – of stress, of creativity and, for some, of fears and obstacles. No matter what their response, each commenter spoke of the power and positive results of journaling.

Because of Gini Thompson’s love for journaling and her decision to sew beautifully designed journals, WOW – Women for Oppressed Women has seen powerful results, as well. WOW has been able to support ministries from Asia to America. One hundred percent of the proceeds from journal sales have been donated to build an orphanage in Cambodia and to provide transitional housing for women leaving prison and reentering society.

Yet, WOW recognizes that the true power of journals is lost if their pages are left blank. As Gini discovered, power comes from putting pen to paper; but the power is untapped unless the potential journalist knows how to use her instruments. For that reason, beginning this summer, WOW is launching a series of home-based classes called “Journal Jam & Java.” These joyful, relaxed events will feature a presentation by a journaling enthusiast who will instruct attendees in her own unique approaches and techniques. Guests also will discover a little bit about WOW and its mission, and – true to the event title – Java will be served!

Think you might like to try your hand at journaling? Several gatherings are being planned right now! Let us know of your interest by e-mailing Kathie Brown at We’ll be sure to send you an invitation!