Let Freedom Ring… Serve Others!

People all over the world value the general concept of freedom.  Our founding fathers knew what it was like to not have religious freedom; British Law prevented the Non-Anglicans from going to university and holding office, and even persecuted those who worshipped in a Non-Anglican way.  Many people took great risks and many lost their lives in an effort to gain independence from England and to allow the people of our country to be truly free.

As we celebrate our country’s independence, we can clearly see that freedom is a privilege. We also see that, culturally, we can use our freedom to either move farther away from God’s design or towards His design.  As Christians, our example in all things is Christ.  He had the most freedom imaginable, being God in the flesh, and yet he chose to serve others, especially those who were struggling with illness, hardship, oppression, and psychological trauma.  In Jesus’ ultimate act of service, He died for us to gain our Eternal Freedom.  Therefore, those of us who are both free as Americans and free as Christians (“the doubly free”) are driven to follow the command in Galatians 5:13 to use our freedom to serve others.

We, the “doubly free” women of WOW, and all of our wonderful partners do not take our freedom lightly.  We realize that it is because we are free that we can recognize what it looks like for women and children to be oppressed (kept from freedom in some way).  Secondly, because of the freedom we enjoy in our country, we can choose to do something about the oppression that we see in people groups who are not as fortunate as we are.  Finally, because of our freedom in Christ, we are compelled to serve others, realizing that the truest act of freedom is to love others as we love ourselves.  Won’t you join us both in thanking God that we are “doubly free” and also in our quest to serve those who are oppressed?

-- Shelly Mountjoy © July 2017