A Visit to Vietnam

The Chapel College Outreach team recently traveled to Vietnam, returning with plenty of stories and experiences to share. The majority of their time was spent in a city with large universities, where they were able to talk to many students. They visited the campuses and engaged with students through coffee shop visits, and through a concert event with music, testimonies, and a gospel presentation. 

The team also spent a couple days in the capital city, where they were able to come alongside a children’s English center started by a pastor of a church. Team members participated in activities, games, and songs with the children.

The Chapel students enjoyed their time with both fellow believers and college students, taking in all that they could and learning what was beneficial and what could be done differently if given the opportunity to go back.

“Our hearts were stretched in being a light in this country,” a team member recalled. “What a joy to see how sensitively, yet powerfully, God is working in Vietnam.”

-- excerpted from The Chapel College Outreach Report © July 2017