Chapel Ministry to the Mayan People This Week!


The team from the Chapel left this weekend for Mexico to serve alongside Mission House International Ministries in the jungle villages of the Yucatan Peninsula.  They have some very specific requests that they would love for all of us to pray about:

  1. This is the first mission trip that many of them have ever been on.  They are excitedly trusting God to go before them on this adventure!
  2. Three of them are leaving behind young families and they would really appreciate your prayers for those left behind as well.
  3. Marsha’s husband, Scott, just had knee surgery and she’s asking for prayer for him as he recovers without her around to help him.
  4. They want to be flexible as they adjust to the new culture.
  5. They plan to do some improvement projects in the school building in Ichmul and they are asking for prayer that they are able to complete some meaningful projects there.  They also want the children and teachers to see their love and realize that God wants to show them love through the team.
  6. The team will be running a VBS program in the afternoons after school lets out.  Pray that it would attract children and that the children would understand the meaning of heart and how Jesus knows our hearts and gives salvation.
  7. They want to be bold as they visit with the villagers they meet, so they can engage them and share Jesus.

Tune in later this week to see how WOW is involved with the Mayan people as well!