The Master Weaver Uses Baseball to Open Ministry Doors in San Marcos

The Chapel team that was recently in the Yucatan Peninsula (YP) came back with exciting news about the doors that God opened while they were in the village of San Marcos (about a 20-minute drive from Ichmul, Mission House’s base in the jungle of the YP).


One of the things the team did not have planned was what God used to open a new door to the Mayan men in that jungle village.  While the team was doing facilities work and ministry in the classrooms at the school.  Donny, one of the team members who was very unsure of how God planned to use him, was out in a field playing baseball with some boys.  He was acting sort of goofy with them using exaggerated “big league moves” to pitch the ball.


An aspect of the ministry that is difficult in the YP is that it is very hard to connect with the Mayan men.  Traditionally during home visits Mayan men will make themselves scarce and they are generally harder to reach.  As a whole, the Mayan men can be absent in the homes both because they physically leave the villages to find work and also emotionally because there is a very high rate of alcoholism among the men.  

On this day some older teens and Mayan men were watching Donny play baseball with the boys and soon they came over and asked him about playing baseball.  The Mission House staff were able to take that opportunity to invite the men to come back and play a game of baseball for adults at a later time.  The mission team went back to Ichmul to gather more players and eventually the whole village of San Marcos came out to watch the exciting game!  In the end, the San Marcos team soundly defeated the mission team, but many positive connections were made and those fluent in Spanish and Mayan engaged in great conversations with the men.

At the San Marcos School Room, the mission team had been greeted eagerly by a male teacher who told them how badly the young middle school boys (ages 11-14 yrs. old) in his class needed God.  Those boys got a chance to interact with the team and further experienced God’s love as they watched the mission team play the men of their village in baseball.  Hopefully this will open future doors for the Gospel!


Later in the week at a church service in the yard of a palapa in San Marcos, Marsha, one of the Chapel team members, was asked to speak because she has much professional and personal family experience with alcoholism.  Many of the Mayan men of the village did not directly join the service, but because of the prior connections made through the baseball game, they stood with interest in earshot of the microphone and were able to hear Marsha’s testimony and the message of the Gospel.

WOW’s goal this year is to raise funds for Water Purification Systems for as many of the villages, such as San Marcos, where Mission House is ministering in the YP as possible.   Clean water is uncommon in the YP and much soda and other unhealthy beverages are consumed leading to serious health problems.  We hope that the physical health that the clean water brings will be surpassed only by the spiritual health that the water given in the name of Christ will give.