WOW - Women for Oppressed Women Celebrates seven years of God's goodness to the poor and oppressed!

Seven years ago this month, several women from The Chapel in Akron and Green who had been involved in mission to Mozambique united their hearts for the women of that country. Several women quickly became many women, all with a desire to serve the Mozambican women more powerfully. The group of like-minded ladies quickly took on a name: WOW - Women for Oppressed Women.


God had pierced the hearts of WOW with the plight of the people of Mozambique. Centuries of oppression by foreign governments and decades of civil war had destroyed Mozambique's infrastructure, leaving few viable job opportunities for Mozambicans close to home. Burdened by the needs and emboldened by the opportunities for women in that African country, WOW began dreaming and planning for its first ever Very Special Purse Party.

The goal was daunting: raise $60,000 in five months! Mindful of our African friends' sufferings, however, WOW prayed, dreamt, planned and worked, and by the grace of God, held its first purse party on October 15, 2011, raising $60,000!

God gave life and livelihood to the people of Mozambique! But there were more unmet needs around the globe. The women of WOW, along with our families and friends, continued to seek God with hands open to receive whatever assignments He had for us. And throughout the last six years, each time WOW has accepted an assignment, God has provided the means.

Since our founding, God has:

  • Superintended over three more Very Special Purse Parties.
  • Sowed a sewing microenterprise in Chaimite, Mozambique.
  • Provided clean water for the Mozambican village of Macalawane.
  • Planted a second agriculture field in the Mozambican village of Chegwe.
  • Secured the final $50,000 needed to open a safe house in Northeast Ohio for adult cvictims of human trafficking.
  • Established a new church in Macalwane.
  • Built a home and provided Christian parents and siblings for 25 orphans in Cambodia.
  • Provided $25,000 to Broken Chains Ministry in order to open Lydia's Home, a haven of life skill and vocational training for women coming out of prison or addiction.

Wow responded to these needs, but we konw that God was the Provider. As we prepare for hte Very Special Purse Party V in the fall of 2018 we will continue to do all things in His Name and for His glory.

"Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives, as well." 1 Thessalonians 2:8