One Mustard Seed Idea, God’s Global Reach

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” -- Ephesians 2:10


In October 2015, Gini Thompson brought her willingness and a small request before God to make and sell 15 journals.  Her desire was to meet a challenge the WOW sisters gave one another to determine a way that each woman could raise money for a new church plant in Macalawane, Mozambique. God has multiplied Gini’s desire in unbelievable ways not only for the church in Mozambique but for women in the Greater Akron area and beyond!

It’s been over a year and no one had any idea what was in store from this simple but mighty work of God.  At that time hundreds of dollars had been raised to help the poor and oppressed.  The WOW sisters were thrilled!  The idea grew into “Journal Jam & Java” (JJ & J) gatherings, which have raised thousands of dollars to support Lydia’s Home of Broken Chains Ministries. Lydia’s Home helps women re-enter society after transitioning from prison and breaking free of opiate addiction. God’s monumental results could not have been imagined.

Designing, sewing, organizing, hosting and a willing spirit were combined by many to make and sell journals for His glory.  We are his workmanship--which he has used for good works.  He amazes us at every turn and WOW has been able to help women in numerous ways that God had prepared beforehand--as His word says.

While WOW has sold and continues to sell journals locally, we hear testimonies of how God is using them and blessing the hearts of women and men as they implement them in a variety of ways.  This summer and fall journals are being sent around the world to the very people WOW is endeavoring to help.  As funds are raised here, journals are being donated as gifts to the poor and oppressed globally.

WOW will send journals to orphans in Cambodia who have been rescued from sexual and economic exploitation through Asia’s Hope.  Thirty journals will travel to Vietnam as a way for the pastors there to write as they study God’s Word. A team traveling in the fall will provide WOW with a way to bless women in India.  As WOW funds clean water stations in the Yucatan, the women involved in micro-enterprise will receive a gift basket of food along with a journal inscribed with John 7:37-38 in Spanish.

“Como la agua limpia nos quita la sed, Jesús, la agua viva, nos llena nuestra alma.

“As clean water takes away our thirst, Jesus, the living water, fills our souls.” 

“Jesus said, ‘Let anyone who is thirsty come to me. Anyone who

 believes in me can come and drink, because the Scriptures declare: 

“rivers of living water will flow from your heart.’” John 7: 37


We are humbled and grateful for all that the Lord does and continues to do through WOW Journals!  One simple act by Gini to sew journals as a fundraiser for a church in Mozambique, Africa has grown into Journal parties that draw countless people into a deeper intimacy with Him while funding mercy projects around the globe.  We can only imagine what God is preparing next!


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