Mozambique Outreach: Making Disciples in Macalawane

WOW Building of Macalawane Church 20180712.jpg

Several years ago, a group of mission-minded Chapel members with a love for Mozambique gathered before God to discern His vision for the church’s outreach to that African nation. After prayerful discussion, the vision became very clear: build the Church. Today, The Chapel celebrates, as God’s imparted vision has become a reality with the establishment of the Church in Macalawane. In partnership with Free Evangelical Assembly of Mozambique, and under the local leadership of Pastor Benedito and his wife, Lucia, The Chapel has acquired the land, paid for the building of a church structure, and served on outreaches to the surrounding community. Why is this effort so important?

“Healing, restoration and wholeness come through the Church as we gather together in the fellowship of believers,” says Pastor Todd Schreiner, pastor of outreach at The Chapel. “God’s call on all of us is to fulfill His Great Commandment and Great Commission. The Church in Macalawane is fulfilling those commands.”

The Great Commandment tells us to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. ( Matthew 22:37-39) Pastor Benedito and his wife are living out this commandment by serving God wholeheartedly in their outreach to Macalawane. Their love of God has become contagious as they come alongside fellow villagers in Macalawane, sharing the truth and love of Jesus Christ. People like young mom, Ida.

Ida recently shared her story of struggle as she sought the truth about God, but found only confusion in the churches she attended. Then, she met Pastor Benedito. He visited her home and shared the gospel, and the truth of God and His word became clear. She now attends the new church in Macalawane and says her life has changed dramatically! Click (here) to watch Ida tell her testimony.

And Ida is not the only villager whose life God is reshaping. Even the tribal chief of Macalawane is being moved by God through the provision of clean water. On a mission in 2011, The Chapel heard of a village that had been dealing with a devastating outbreak of cholera. Their only water source was a bright yellow pond (most likely contamination), and their only means of filtration was the dirt that surrounded the pond. The short-term missionaries brought back the news of this great need, and members of The Chapel, as well as friends of WOW – Women for Oppressed Women, responded to the call. A well and water purification station were established in the village, providing a pure water source to the entire population. That humanitarian effort opened the village chief’s mind and heart to the establishment of the Church in Macalawane. Now, villagers not only are receiving clean water for their bodies, but also the Living Water of Jesus Christ, which hydrates the soul eternally!

Since its founding in 2011, WOW’s goal has been to provide life and livelihood to the poor and oppressed in Africa, Asia, Greater Akron and around the globe. The projects we have presented to you, our friends, have met the humanitarian needs of the people we serve; thus, opening their hearts to the message of life eternal through Jesus Christ. The support you have shown through your generous donations to WOW not only has helped to provide clean water to the Macalawane villagers, but also has opened the door (literally) to the Church of Jesus Christ!

And opportunities continue. The Chapel devotes itself to uphold Pastor Benedito and his family as they finish the planting of the Macalawane Church. Additionally, new humanitarian projects are being discussed and prepared, which will provide self-sustaining livelihood to more villagers. Meanwhile, a new water project is being established on the other side of the globe in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The Yucatan is another missional outreach region that The Chapel is supporting, and your generosity of WOW’s projects over the past year are helping to bring this pure water project to fruition.

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For information on the Very Special Purse Party V: Windows on the World, check our Facebook page often. Tickets go on sale August 1.

-- Linda Maynard © July 2018