Animal Crackers and Fruit Punch

My first recollections of Vacation Bible School are not the songs or the stories but the food---animal crackers and fruit punch.  Now before you think I was only there for the food, let me explain.  I have learned from many years of teaching children the Bible that what they remember most is what they experienced.  When I went to VBS I remember coming together with a group of children and experiencing fellowship.  Fellowship with others who learn and believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world!  And we ate animal crackers and drank fruit punch, too. 

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This summer at The Chapel we are introducing a Community Vacation Bible School that will create a fellowship experience for children from the four local schools that The Chapel adopted —Leggett, McEbright, Glover and Mason.  Superhero City:  Unleash your Amazing! will help children learn that the world decides what their identity should be, but God has a plan to rescue us and give us an eternal identity through His Son Jesus.

Many of the children who will be attending have not grown up in church and/or do not know that Jesus loves them.  When they come to The Chapel on June 10-13th they will experience God’s love for them and will be surrounded by people who believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins.  For many, this will be the first time hearing this proclamation and I encourage you to pray for these young ones that they may respond to the gospel.  There will be activities and games, music and fun skits and of course there will be snacks.  All of these things create an experience that they will never forget. 

Photo by  Yannis A  on  Unsplash

Photo by Yannis A on Unsplash

Romans 10:17 teaches that “faith comes by hearing the Word of Christ,” and The Chapel is excited to proclaim this message of hope to these children.  Will you pray that Holy Spirit will fill the church body as they use their gifts and talents for God’s kingdom?  Pray too that the Holy Spirit will speak to these children and that they will respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ and share this same message with their families and neighborhood.  

God can use animal crackers and fruit punch to change a child because He did that with me.  As I got older I participated in communion for the first time and remembered that time at VBS when we ate this snack.  Those cookies and punch were my first introduction to the body and blood of Christ and what HE did for me on the cross.  That is the kind of experience we want to see happen for these children, too.


Lisa Marshall © April 2019