Recalling the Past to Fortify Our Future

"Journaling is strengthening...We can observe our own spiritual growth through our journals."

During my years of journaling, I have gone through lavish writing to the Lord to times that are sprinkled with days to months of inactivity! It's hard to admit or even understand my times of drought.  Nothing in particular can be its cause--just busyness, laziness.  Then I feel the Lord is disappointed with me and I let it go on even longer letting my thoughts get control.  But I am reminded of Scripture where Paul wrote to the Corinthians:

"We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5

Taking every thought captive...even in journaling I can practice this lesson.  It's not that I am being disobedient at all, but I am not getting the fullness of what God wants to give me through my time with him in writing.

Recently, I learned a great lesson from my beautiful friend and WOW sister, Gini Thompson.  I was explaining my recent lack of writing and how it not only disappointed me but I felt it disappointed the Lord.  Gini explained that if she has times like that she has learned to look back and read through her journaling and she sees all God has done for her.  If I've asked him to take something away from me, I don't even recall it until I go back and read that I asked for it. Rereading my journal is amazing and astonishing. My mind does forget all the many things he does for me and all that he has provided for me.  God clearly just says "start again!" 

In my confessing and praise and praying out to him in journaling...I've learned that he wants something more for me, not from me. As I reread my journals, I feel the Holy Spirit strengthen me and encourage me to continue.  He delights my heart!

We can review all we've asked him for and see his divine providence at work.  It reminds us to put our focus on Him rather than things that distract us or pull us away.  I have read all the many times he has given me grace and mercy over and over...and it builds me up and I know that Jesus is mine forever! Journaling helps me to take my daily thoughts captive and make Christ the theme.  My spiritual growth shows through journaling, and it indeed strengthens my faith and love for Jesus!

So, if you happen to fall into a lapse in journaling--pull up some old pages and read them--let the Holy Spirit strengthen you and start again!

-- Lorraine Pruitt © June 2019