Journaling is Relational

Photo by Elijah M. Hendersonon Unsplash

Photo by Elijah M. Hendersonon Unsplash

Psalm 118:28

You are my god, and I will give thanks to you, you are my god, I will extol you.

“As the summer months wind down and a new season begins, thank God for all He did in this most recent season. Thank Him for the new opportunities that He is providing in this next season of life.”

Journaling is Relational - Journaling deepens our relationship with God

As I journal this month, I want to make sure to give my God all the praise, glory and honor that He deserves. The psalms remind me to do that.  I know that God does not need my praise, but I need to praise Him. Through stating his Truth as his word says, the Holy Spirit draws me closer to him.   I am reminded of his sacrifice for me, how he has mercy on me, and how he has wiped away my sins. I am reminded of his willingness to come live among us to have relationship with us—with me.   

We cannot live without honest relationships. Journaling helps me humbly reveal my heart and soul to God. I look back at the summer months and see all the times he has helped me with personal problems.  He provided people in my life to give me godly wisdom. His word brings me joy and promise for all life’s messy issues. Through his example of sharing his life with us, we gain resources from other Christians with whom we share our life. The gift of community is modeled for us in Acts, and gives us the opportunity to help meet needs, form friendships, find joy and pray for each other as we serve our mission together.

As I look forward to my favorite of seasons, Fall, I look forward to what God has in store for me and those I love and join in service.