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The next deadline for submission is June 1, 2014.

WOW’s Mission: “We, the women of WOW, seek to meet the needs of women, locally and around the world who are oppressed emotionally, physically, and spiritually, all in the Name of Jesus Christ and for the glory of God.”

WOW – Women for Oppressed Women, is a fund- and awareness-raising organization that began in February 2011. The original goal of our organization was to raise the money needed to establish an agricultural microenterprise in the country of Mozambique. WOW recognized, however, that poverty and oppression were in every corner of the world; thus, our funding efforts quickly spread to other countries like India and Thailand, and to organizations in our hometown of Akron, Ohio. Thus far, WOW has raised funds through private donations and special events, and has supported organizations that have been brought to our attention by word of mouth. In an effort to reach more organizations, and ultimately the needs of the people they serve, WOW is initiating this grant application process. If your organization has a project that you believe will help the needs of the poor and oppressed and that support WOW’s mission, we invite you to complete all parts of this application and click Submit. WOW’s board will review applications on the first Thursday of each month. Applications should be submitted to WOW by the 15th day of the prior month.

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